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“Digitization” does not have to be a challenge for industrial companies. Plan Software has been supporting you in the digital marketing of your products for 25 years - long before “Industry 4.0” was even a concept. With our CPQ systems, configurators, design and calculation programs, your end customers will find the right product as smoothly as your sales department creates offers. Customer portals and B2B e-commerce solutions bring additional customer benefits and new sales potential. With our IoT solutions you can offer your customers a modern and sustainable after-sales service and stand out from the competition.

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Cross-Industry Conference Format – What Insights Were Gained?

Are technologies like Generative AI, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality the future of B2B sales?

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Case Studies

Control cabinet
Configurator 8MF
easyKAT® Standard

The product portfolio of configurable control cabinets at Siemens is extremely complex and varied …

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Volkswagen Group Regional
Aftersales Singapore
TRIPOD Plattform

The heterogeneity of global markets is always a challenge for IT systems. The Asia-Pacific region alone, in which Volkswagen AG is also active, includes numerous nations and cultures …

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MindSphere World
Open Design
SAP Silver