Challenges are there to be mastered!

Since 1993 we have had the pleasure of working with and for outstanding companies of all sizes. Originally at home primarily in the industrial environment, our agile way of thinking and our focus on processes and solutions have helped us to develop cross-sector expertise. Soberly seen we develop software. In reality, we solve concrete problems and ultimately help our customers to be more successful. Take a look at some of the projects we have successfully implemented.

Switch cabinet
configurator 8MF

The product portfolio of configurable control cabinets at Siemens is extremely complex and varied…

Volkswagen Group Regional Aftersales Singapore – 
TRIPOD Plattform

The heterogeneity of global markets is always a challenge for IT systems. The Asia-Pacific region alone, where Volkswagen AG is also operating, includes numerous nations and cultures…


When we received the order from Helios at the beginning of 2018 for the implementation of a calculation program, the requirements and goals of Helios were a challenge for us as well…

E-Commerce Portal

After the spare parts shop for Voith Paper went live as early as 2015, Voith approached Plan Software in 2018 to further develop the successfully operated first shop solution throughout the Group into a cross-industry portal into which all divisions could be integrated…

Customer Hub

As a long-standing customer of Plan Software, VAHLE approached us to bring the project planning tool originally developed by us online. The greatest challenge was…