Functionality that proves itself

In more than 20 years of development experience we have been able to improve our product in countless projects. Always at the cutting edge of technical development, our configurators are used by small and medium-sized companies throughout Europe, as well as by well-known industry giants such as Siemens and Bosch Rexroth.

Our business relationships are defined by the reliability of our software and are the base of many years of mutual trust: Some of our configurators, built fifteen or twenty years ago, are still in operation today – constantly modernized.

Out of the box
easyKAT® Standard

Anyone looking for a quick and easy solution for product configuration has found an answer in the easyKAT® Standard. The ready-to-use application allows independent creation and maintenance of master data, on the basis of which product specifications, quotations, order codes, sales bills of materials and 3D Models can be generated without errors. It also supports both desktop browsers and mobile devices.

A simple example is the configurator from Yamaichi. The user is guided through the selection process question by question and can configure his desired connector. A stored set of rules, which runs in the background, ensures that only valid combinations are generated. This is a turnkey solution that can be put into operation directly after data entry.

Advanced usage
easyKAT® Configuration Server

The easyKAT® Configuration Server can be seamlessly integrated as a pure configuration engine and is perfectly suited as a component for third-party or already existing systems. An innovative application of our Configuration Server is the Siemens control cabinet configurator 8MF1. In the background, our configurator transfers all necessary information to the individually developed frontend. Here we used the 3D technology of our partner KiM, which generates instant models of the configured cabinet based on the data. Parts can be added by simple Drag&Drop.

Further applications of the configuration server are:
  • Integration of configuration functions in customer-specific design or calculation systems
  • Dynamic generation of parts lists for ERP systems from a predefined configuration
  • Calculations accompanying the configuration for the requirement testing

A picture is worth a thousand words

Many users now prefer a graphical as opposed to the classic mask-based configuration. The advantages are obvious:

  • users receive immediate visual feedback that enables them to judge whether the configured product meets the requirements
  • A good UX design allows a much more efficient configuration – a single drag & drop action can replace many drop-down lists and input fields
  • SIf the dimensions of individual components are known, a visual or even fully automatic collision check is possible
  • Users can display information by simply clicking on objects in the graphic

Last but not least: An attractive user interface encourages customers and sales staff to use the configurator (gamification). This is why hardly any modern configurator can do without elements of graphical feedback.

Configure Price Quote

Plan Software has been developing CPQ systems before the term even existed. Our offer configurators are highly customizable and cover even the most complex technical calculations, e.g. in the fields of fluid technology, hydraulics, drive technology, ventilators and plant engineering. The configurator module in the CPQ system can also be made freely accessible to customers on the website or customer portal, thus providing additional benefits.

CAD models can be generated from the CPQ system, which customers can use for their planning. Our CPQ systems can be run offline and online by default, because not everywhere in sales has a reliable Internet connection. Last but not least, our CPQ solutions can be seamlessly integrated into our customers’ corporate IT systems, whether CRM, ERP, PIM, CAD or PLM systems.

Your benefits

Interactive configurators not only sell more, they sell better

If you offer your customers an excellent user experience, this is never an end in itself. It also creates economic advantages for you. Imagine prospective customers can interactively coprecisely as with our easyKAT ® product line, they even enjoy it – after all, the products become “real” before they actually exist. The result is happier customers, increased sales figures and – thanks to visual control- a minimization of incorrect oders.

Relieving and increasing the efficiency of the sales department

By optimizing and automating the areas of product configuration, pricing and quotation generation, your sales team can concentrate more on their core competencies: selling. By integrating existing or implementing new complex calculations, your technical sales teams gains significant competitive advantages and can quickly and efficiently offer the optimal product.

Flexibly adaptable to your needs

Are you looking for a product configurator for your website? Or a powerful CPQ solution for quote generation? The easyKAT ® product line includes solutions for small and medium-sized companies as well as enterprise solutions for the highest requirements. We would also be happy to build you a configuration software that is precisely tailored to your needs. There are no limits to your ideas.

Powerful and scalable

Your Company is a living organism. It grows and develops. This makes it all the more important that your software is able to grow with you. No Matter which solution you choose: We advise you in detail which solutions fits to you and your requirements – so that you are well positioned today and prepared for the future.

Seamless integration int your corporate IT

We know that smooth, successful work with out configurators is only possible if they are seamlessly integrated into your IT infrastructure. Using standard interfaces for data supply, you can easily transfer prices, article data and variant tables from your ERP system. In addition, you can create fully integrated quotations, oders, parts lists and work plans in ERP, especially SAP and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV / Navision).

Low maintenance effort

Despite its immense scope, the maintenance of the relationship knowledge in our systems is enthusiastically simple. What sometimes takes months with other providers, we deliver to you after only three to four weeks. That’s how quickly we provide you with an inital configurator to be used as a pilot group.

Technical calculations and designs algorithmus

The integration of technical calculations and design algorithms into the configuration is provided for from the outset. In the design software you can directly display the respective performance characteristics by using diagrams and graphics. A feature that is particularly appreciated by our numerous customers from the drive technology, hydraulics and fan construction sectors.

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