The importance of artificial intelligence and IoT in industry is currently the subject of much discussion. For me, both primarily mean efficiency and effectiveness advantages through machine learning. In particular, the interaction of AI and IoT, the so-called AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things), will change processes significantly in the future. Better quality controls, more flexible production processes or less downtime are just exemplary advantages.

Kevin Dewi, Managing directors, Plan Software

For us, IoT is more than
just a buzzword

With 5G, the massive spread of mobile devices and wearables and the increasing number of digital natives, who help shape the business world, the importance of IoT solutions will continue to grow - also and especially in industry. Plan Software gives meaning to buzzwords like IoT, AI and e-commerce. So that you can clearly see what specific growth potential these technologies hold for your company.

As a MindSphere Silver Partner, we gave insights into some of our IOT solutions at the Hannover Messe 2019. Take a look for yourself!

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Value Your Data

With our IoT Toolkit you can bring your machines into the cloud cost-effectively and secure.

Machine-related data is not subject to any ownership rights, neither manufacturers nor operators can control which data is sent to the cloud. And this data is of great value! For example, when it comes to dimensioning wearing parts or analyzing user behavior.

With our solution you are the master of your data and control which data is moved to which data lakes. A lot of data is too detailed for the operator. So thin out your data stream and only provide relevant data.

MindSphere Cloud Integration

Since 60% of the world’s automation control is based on Siemens components, we know that with Siemens we have a competent partner at our side who provides a uniform cloud platform for industrial applications via MindSphere. Nevertheless, we remain flexible and also provide our services outside MindSphere or integrate them into already existing infrastructures, as desired.

Track Your Truck

Our Fleet Monitoring Solution is a powerful, intelligent, digital solution for the commercial vehicle industry.

The usability of a fleet management system must be adaptable to the customer’s needs, whereby the most important thing is to: increase the profitability of the fleet by minimizing the risk of breakdowns, as well as to increase the safety of all vehicles that drive with our system. The fleet operator has an overview of the condition of the entire fleet.

By using telemetry data, tire data, vehicle data and artificial intelligence, our software enables real-time monitoring and leads to an improvement in efficiency and costs. This data also supports predictive maintenance, which helps to prevent breakdowns and reduce fuel consumption, tire wear and CO2 emissions.

Artificial intelligence in industry

Case studies from five areas

Artificial intelligence is on everyone's lips. But is this just a marketing buzzword or is it really used in practice? Dr. Eugen Staab, meanwhile professor of business informatics at the University of Kaiserslautern, presented the Plan software at the virtual conference five different application possibilities for artificial intelligence in industry, all of which are in development or already in use at Plan Software and N4. Very different technologies are used: Predictive maintenance in the Internet of Things (IoT), recommendation systems, speech and image recognition and augmented reality.

In all approaches, the added value for the user must be the focus, explains Dr. Staab, because this is the only way to develop effective competitive advantages as a company.

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