Seamless integration
into other systems.

Transfer of data from SAP

A large amount of data can be transferred from SAP, this includes
  • Class hierarchies
  • Multiple Classifications
  • Configuration models
  • Variant tables
  • Material master
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Automated document creation

With our solutions you can also create documents automatically in SAP.


Bidirectional communication

The configuration result of easyKAT® is transferred properly to SAP. In addition, we offer a variety of other modular interfaces, such as

  • Query of customer data
  • Order history
  • Availability check and pricing
  • Evaluation of KMATs
  • Document generation
  • Transfer of parts lists

UserExit for easyKAT

easyKAT® Configurators can be started directly from the SAP material position and be reconfigured again.



Our configurators and e-commerce solutions have a strong integration with ERP systems, which is continuously being expanded and optimized. The modular interfaces of Plan Software in SAP ensure fast and cost-effective implementation when connecting our products.

With live queries, the user can directly inquire about price and stock in order to be able to take possible delivery bottlenecks into account. In addition, the creation and modification of sales documents is possible via web services. Employees can jump directly from the shopping cart to the SAP sales document. Order history and order tracking are also provided.

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