With our specialized SAP know-how we can do the Holistic process chains for our customers map and offer extensive advice in the field of SAP variant configuration . Thanks to the bi-directional data bridge to our CPQ solution, the variant configuration of our customers becomes more maintainable, faster and more accessible for end customers.

Perfect integration for variant configuration and e-commerce

Data silos cost time and money and prevent smooth sales processes. A seamlessly integrated CPQ solution in the IT landscape ensures efficiency and is the basis for sustainable sales success. At the same time, the ERP system is often the engine for an e-commerce platform. Our modular data bridge ensures that your web shop also uses the existing business logic and can use the data in your ERP system in real time.

Our solutions have our standardized ERP bridge via standard interfaces that can be used immediately in your SAP system (SD, MM and PP) to minimize manual effort and errors in data maintenance and To optimize sales processes.

Supported use cases
of our ERP bridge

  • Information from customer base
  • Material search based on characteristics
  • Creation of materials
  • Availability check
  • Order creation including positions
  • Price inquiry (list prices,
    customer-specific prices, graduated prices)
  • Creation of documents

Cost and time savings without redundant data maintenance

Easy to maintain and
little effort

Availability of your data
in real time

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The future of SAP variant configuration

Migration zum Advanced Variant Configurator in SAP S/4 HANA

With SAP S / 4 HANA, SAP is replacing the classic SAP variant configurator LO-VC in the long term. The new variant configurator “Advanced Variant Configurator” (AVC) is the direct successor. The new configuration engine uses the underlying HANA database optimally for high-performance and more flexible configuration. Modern Fiori apps offer intuitive interfaces for the Variant configuration. Migration poses questions for many of our customers: Can they existing data models can still be used? What needs to be done to switch to the AVC to get prepared? What are the benefits of switching to the AVC?

Our team will happily advise you on the differences between AVC and LO-VC and support you with the migration.

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We take care of the fast and seamless integration of your solution with SAP

ERP bridge

Benefit from our digital data bridge to SAP and save time and money through the standardized implementation.

Consulting in SAP data integration

Our team will be happy to advise you on the flexibility of our ERP bridge and takes care of the integration of your data from SAP for you.

Consulting in SAP
variant configuration

We support you in developing your SAP VC data models as well as the Evaluation of your processes and data relating to variant configuration.


We can meet your requirements by customizations in the SAP modules MM, PP and SD in order to optimally map your specific business process.

Tschüss Datensilos, Hallo effiziente Datenintegration

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