What we do
Our lines of business

Since our foundation, we have primarily served customers from the industrial and medical technology environment with the aim of providing state-of-the-art solutions:

  • Configuration solutions for complex products
  • Customized IoT applications based on the MindSphere
  • Ready-to-use e-commerce solutions and B2B shops for industrial products
  • Comprehensive solutions for the use of configuration technology with SAP S4 / HANA and SAP ECC from sales to production


The easyKAT® product line is the heart of our configuration solutions. easyKAT® Standard is an out-of-the-box solution for small and medium-sized companies. The easyKAT® Configuration Server forms a platform for enterprise applications. Developed for the mechanical and plant engineering industry, the configurator has been extended with features like 2D and 3D model creation, multi-language support, unit conversion as well as design and calculation functions.

Axel Biewer

Michael Wille

Andreas Hüller

Byron Wells


Zur Abrundung des Bestellworkflows ergänzen wir unser Sortiment durch ein Shopsystem mit Tiefgang. Während das Shopsystem nur die Spitze des Eisberges ist, kümmern wir uns darum, dass alles unter der Oberfläche reibungslos abläuft. Mit einem Grundframework stehen die Basisfunktionalitäten schon bereit. Die Integration in vorhandenen Systeme ist einfach, seien es Einbindungen von Konfiguratoren, ERP- oder CRM- Schnittstellen, PIM-Systeme oder andere Datenkontaktpunkte. Gleichzeitig ist unser Shop modular und kundenindividuell, mit einer gleichbleibend hohen Performance. SEO, Bezahlsysteme und regionenspezifische Sortimente und Embargo-Listen. Hierbei adressieren wir nicht nur den Endkunden, sondern auch Partner und Händler. Ein eShop reißt heute niemanden mehr vom Hocker, unsere USPs aber schon.

Holger Reimsbach

Internet of Things

With new technologies, small and medium-sized businesses can take off and profit in the area of IoT. The constant collection, management and analysis of data allows errors to be detected at an early stage. In addition, maintenance recommendations can be made based on the usage (predictive maintenance). Anomalies can also be detected at an early stage through machine learning (AI). Overall, costs can be reduced and processes can be designed more efficiently. 60% of worldwide automation control is based on Siemens components. So we are sure that with Siemens we have a competent partner at our side who connects all devices via MindSphere and provides a uniform cloud platform. Nevertheless, we remain flexible and can also provide our services outside of MindSphere or integrate them into existing infrastructures as required.

Jana Schaum


SAP is one of the world’s most popular ERP systems for handling business processes. We support the connection of SAP to our sales and customer configurators via a modern interface, which is not only easy to maintain but is also structured modularly. Furthermore, a detailed logging takes place when exchanging data. Our products understand a wide range of data from SAP and can then write it back into SAP in a proper way. We transfer object dependencies from SAP into our configurator, especially classifications and variant tables. Our systems offer state-of-the-art interfaces that are optimally adapted to the customer’s CI, a comfortable and easy-to-use maintenance interface and therefore a high degree of flexibility. In addition, seamless integration with other systems, such as shops and CRM, is possible with little effort. In these scenarios, the SAP-VC supplements the full functionality for mapping production BOMs and routings.

Julia Wildbihler

Noel Krull