Helios Ventilatoren GmbH + Co KG is one of the leading European manufacturers of ventilation technology. Helios offers an exceptionally large, graduated product portfolio in all pressure and performance ranges as well as special designs. With over 3,500 series products, the right solution can be found even for unusual requirements and complicated operating conditions.

For more than 10 years, Plan Software has been highly competent in the implementation of sophisticated design systems and configurators in the field of ventilation technology.

When we received the order from Helios at the beginning of 2018 to implement a calculation program, the requirements and objectives of Helios nevertheless also presented a challenge for us. The central requirement was to be able to carry out extensive, sophisticated calculations for compact ventilation units with heat recovery with just a few clicks. With the calculations and dynamically generated performance curves, the configuration software was to form the basis for the certification of the new ventilation units, on which the market launch also depended. The configuration program was also to be made available to interested parties and customers via the homepage. Despite the technical nature of the application, which allows a wide range of information on operating point, conditions of use and conditions of application, it was therefore also necessary to implement a modern, attractive UI/UX, and thereby prove that even a very technical application can be fun and can represent an important point of contact for the customer or prospective customer with the Helios brand.

The agile methodology that we had chosen right from the start allowed for shifts in the main focus that arose during the project in contact with users, despite the tight time window.

In the meantime, the design program has also been adapted in a different design / CI for an affiliated company of Helios.
The modern, convincing interface and the high added value for the user now also motivate dealers to integrate the program into their shop. Supporting this even better will be one of the focal points in the further development of the programme in the near future.