Plan Software has been DIN ISO 9001-certified since 2011, a very special commitment for the software industry in Germany to the quality of the solutions we develop for our customers. To maintain this certification, our processes are put to the test every year, with two smaller surveillance audits alternating with a major recertification audit.

At the end of November 2020, another major recertification audit was scheduled by the accredited certifier TüV SGS. Due to restrictive “corona conditions”, this was organized as a hybrid model for the first time: The core team responsible for certification, Jana Schaum as Quality Management Officer and Michael Wille, Managing Director, were present in person with the certifier at Plan Software’s premises, while other process owners were connected via web meeting as required.

The core processes of product development, project management and sales were audited, as well as all management processes and other support processes such as training, system administration and hosting. Despite the more difficult circumstances this year and the challenges posed by our strong growth, we were able to successfully complete our certification as in previous years. 

Particularly positive comments were made about our experienced staff with a high level of competence and loyalty to the company. We are particularly proud of this “asset” and will continue to expand it in the future through continuous external and internal training measures.