Making IT systems secure makes the hearts of the ten-strong cybersecurity company sequire (for: security {engl.: safety} and quire {lat.: can}) beat faster. As the team of the former MBC Cybersecurity GmbH, the employees are well-known industry faces with many years of theoretical and practical experience in the field of cybersecurity. As part of an M&A process, the entire team, led by managing director and computer scientist Dr. Christoph Endres, was taken over by N4.

Sequire has strengthened the more than 150 employees of the N4 software group since July 2021 and, in addition to its original focus on its own MEDUSA software, will now deliver an expanded cybersecurity portfolio: sequire offers its customers – especially from the industrial, mechanical engineering, medical and automotive sectors – both individual consulting, security concepts, penetration tests, training and the practical implementation of the solutions developed.