Founded in 1854, our customer, the Witzenmann Group, with a turnover of 619 million euros, is today known as the world market leader in the field of flexible metallic elements. The fact that the family-owned company from Pforzheim attaches great importance to the topic of “digitalization” also became clear at our eCC conference in St. Wendel. Jochen Geiger, Vice President of Marketing & Innovation, enriched this year’s schedule with an impressive best-practice presentation on “Digital Marketing – The New Digital Sales?”. 

“In advancing digitalization, traditional marketing and sales structures need to be rethought,” said Geiger. Marketing and sales overlapped mainly in providing information and samples in the past. Today, other tasks are becoming more and more intermingled, from initiation to processing to closing the sale. 

The marketing specialist underpins his presentation with four theses. One mainly stuck in his mind: customers do not distinguish between marketing and sales. “They couldn’t care less,” Geiger says with a smile. Ultimately, it’s all about offering customers a convincing customer experience. Yes, even in B2B. Because the Witzenmann Group has understood that B2B customers in the engineering sector are ultimately one thing above all else: People who respond to emotions! So why not market hoses as hearts in the best B2C manner in the new B2B store developed with us and thus turn customers into fans? 

The presentation more than convinced us. Many thanks to Jochen Geiger for these impressive words.