Out of the children’s room, students Moritz and Lenny set up Europe’s largest online drug delivery service in record time. What does the storyline of a current Netflix series have to do with our latest Witzenmann project? Quite a lot! Here, too, we asked ourselves the following question: How can the Witzenmann Group, a company with a wide range of configurable products master the path to e-commerce – FAST? Before Holger Reimsbach, Consultant Digital Business at Plan Software, presented the highlights of the digital commerce solution in his lecture on the topic “How to Sell Complex Stuff Online (Fast) – The Way to a B2B Online Shop Using the Example of the Witzenmann Group”, he made it clear that the digital customer portal is only the tip of the iceberg. To guarantee sustainable success, companies need to initiate six key steps toward a webshop.

While step 1 focuses on evaluating customer needs, step 2 involves deciding on the appropriate technology, and step 3 is to develop a prototype. The next step is the realization of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), which allows for generating valuable feedback. Steps 1 to 4 check! Now it’s time for active roll-out, including customer satisfaction surveys. Finished, right? Holger responds to this with a clear “No. After the shop has been implemented, the work is not done yet, because after the go-live is before optimization!”